About Me

My work is about me. Over the years my work included multiple styles and media. Most of the pieces, regardless of technique or style, have something unique. With the cubed series cubes had figures inside and then cubes had people outside. In the Corner Exchange (image left), figures are both in and out of cubes. In this work three figures meet on a corner and exchange a handshake. Each rectangle, distinguished by white highlights, contains twenty-five cubes and is offset a quarter of an inch from other rectangles.

The Corner Exchange, 16" x 22", watercolor.


Artist's Bio. In the beginning of her artistic career, Sharon Teabo, who has a BFA in graphic design and an MFA in illustration, worked as an artist-in-residence and an artist-in-the-schools. Teabo's artwork has been displayed internationally and ranges from ink to acrylic in terms of both medium and style (from realism to abstraction). Although her art has been compared to Escher's, a reviewer praised her as being exceptional and a master of color following one of her exhibitions in New York's SOHO neighborhood.

Teabo's creations have appeared in books, journals, and several private collections. For numerous years, she worked as a commercial illustrator, taught academic art classes (undergraduate and graduate), and offered workshops in a variety of mediums. She also displayed her own work. Teabo was actively involved with The International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA), serving as an officer and board member for many years. She wrote articles for the organization's Book of Selected Readings and semi-annual, Journal of Visual Literacy based on talks she gave at conferences. Teabo presently resides in Utah but has lived in VA, WV, and KY.

Artist's Statement. Photography and commercial/fine art are two of my artistic pursuits. I began to draw at an early age. I sat at the back of the lecture hall while my mother's evening college sessions were held, drawing on the blank paper given. A coloring book is not something I can recall having. I colored drawings that I had drawn. My path to photography was uncomplicated. I won a contest while I was in primary school, and the prize was a camera. I quickly understood that using a camera was a means to capture brief moments and save them. Writing, drawing, and taking pictures were all methods of preserving memories.

My work has utilized a variety of media over the years. I enjoy specifics. Early favorites were realism and scientific images. Commercial photography, drawings, and concept art kept me wanting more and pushing myself further. Between commercial engagements, I worked on my own projects to fill the time. Regardless of approach or style, the majority of my works contain something distinctive. The current cubed series of drawings and paintings first had figures inside each cube, but later works in the series showed the figures outside the cubes as if they had escaped containment. Thousands of tiny figures interact with geometric patterns in these individual pieces of art, frequently forming larger patterns that shift depending on the light source or the viewer's distance