What they said:

Ariel Gallery reveals its characteristically diverse and wide-ranging taste in four shows... each with its own forms, they cover a broad aesthetic spectrum. In Configurations, four artists segment reality into symmetrical patters. Sharon Teabo's work in colored pencils, watercolor, and ink contains natural figuration but organizes it in new and imaginative ways. (Article includes a reproduction of They Share The Tree, colored pencil, 18 x 24"). -- Manhattan Arts

A commercial artist, she (Teabo) works in representational watercolors and pen and ink designs. Of great interest to her is the repeated image, shapes arrayed on parallel, vertical "shelves" or collaged in varying perspectives, the latter preferred for illustrations of sport activities. (Includes a reproduction of The People's Triad, 16 x 22", colored pencil). --The New York Art Review

Segmented Spaces (at Ariel Gallery in New York) seems exemplified by the watercolors and ink drawings of Sharon Teabo, in which many tiny figures make up geometric patterns as metaphysical as those of M.C. Escher. In Intramuros, the figures are contained within a colorful pictographic grid, while in Tuesday Afternoon they inhabit a mall-like maze that seems to symbolize the science fictional aspects of modern life. -- ArtSpeak

Sharon Teabo, a West Virginia artist, whose intricate, maze-like compositions project a sense of molecular mystery reminiscent of M.C. Escher, yet possess a peculiar visual poetry all their own. Teabo's pieces appear abstract at first glance, but closer inspection reveals a multitude of tiny figures and human meanings. Her art is a highly original response to reality in a variety of styles including naturalism and abstraction. -- ArtSpeak

Teabo's Modern Microcosms And Others At Agora Gallery

Sharon Teabo, a member of the adjunct faculty of Shepherd College who has served as artist-in-residence in two different counties under the auspices of the WV Arts and Humanities Council, is a unique talent. Her work is unlike anything else being exhibited today in its precision, intricacy, and metaphysical suggestiveness. Teabo's pristinely rendered watercolors and ink drawings have maze-like compositions that make one think initially of M.C. Escher. However, Teabo is also a superb colorist whose use of clear transparent hues imbues her work with an aesthetic beauty that Escher never equaled.--Agora Gallery Review

In Teabo's watercolors, such as Corner Exchange, tiny human figures are arranged within regular geometric grids of glowing color that suggest the boxes and cubicles in which modern people must live and work. In one of Teabo's best and most intricate ink drawings, tiny steps are combined with figures and cubes, making an even more overt comment on our man made environment. A contrasting freedom is suggested by Teabo's painting on canvas of tiny figures within colorful floating bubbles of color. --Agora Gallery Review

"Sharon Teabo's microcosmic view of the modern world amounts to a major statement by an artist with a unique style. The intimate scale of her work makes her accomplishment all the more remarkable." (Includes a reproduction of They Share The Tree, colored pencil, 18 x 24"). -- ArtSpeak